Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Scary Adventures on Video

Filming inside a moving, dimly lit dark ride is not an easy task. Yet, here's a few videos from people who tried. It's fascinating to me to note the numerous changes that have occurred to Snow White's Adventures over the years.

Disneyland Ride-Thru (pre-2010 updates); TRT: 3:14 minutes...

Video posted by ru42

Disneyland 2010 Technology Updates; TRT: 0:33 minutes......

Video posted by dlfreak

Disneyland Ride-Thru (post-2010 updates); TRT: 2:05 minutes...

Video posted by MintCrocodile


One of the major changes that came to the WDW attraction was in the finale. The current ride ends with True Love Kiss and then Dopey waving goodbye above the exit doors. On the pre-1994 ride, the Witch is seen dislodging a giant jewel from above as the occupants of the mine car pass underneath. The very next scene is nothing but flashing lights. The implication is that all the riders have just been killed. Now that is a dark ride!

Walt Disney World Ride-Thru (pre 1994 updates); TRT: 5:10 minutes...

Video posted by widenyourworld

Walt Disney World Ride-Thru (pre 1994 updates with backward-facing camera); TRT: 2:26 minutes...

Video posted by widenyourworld

Walt Disney World Ride-Thru (post 1994 updates); TRT: 3:16 minutes...

Video posted by HV10N90


Disneyland Paris Ride-Thru; TRT: 3:23 minutes...

Video posted by davey1986


Tokyo Disneyland Ride-Thru; TRT: 2:27 minutes...

Video posted by MintCrocodile


  1. Thank you for posting these! I have just one question. When the car stops, do I step out to my left? Wow, can you imagine working 8 hours with that recording playing over and over and over. I guess after a while, you'd tune it out.

    I never got to see the pre-1994 WDW Snow White. I've heard people talk about how the witch kept poppin out at you.....geez, they weren't kidding, where they? I love it though. I wish WDW wasn't getting rid of their SW ride. Okay, so they are getting a Dwarfs Mine Car rollercoaster.....why can't there be two Snow White themed attractions in the Magic Kingdom?

  2. Tokyo-- I recently spent a week at WDW and in particular hanging out around SWSA taking loads of pics and video. One of my "observation points" was stationed right under the exit speaker. "Step out to your left please" nearly drove me insane.

    But when it was busy, and it was all of the days I was there, it's actually so loud in the queue area from the mass of people that all the noise tends to blend together anyway.