Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow White is a Puzzle

The following three Snow White puzzles sold at Target Superstore in August of 2010...

Snow White and Prince - Hasbro/MB 24 piece preschool puzzle, measures 10" x 13'...


Four Princesses - Cardinal Industries 48 piece lenticular puzzle, measures 9" x 12". I'm not a big fan of items that feature multiple Disney princesses, but the bottom of this box has a cool "lenticular" moving image of Snow White...

Above: The two images of the puzzle that create the illusion of "lenticular" motion.

Lenticular Snow on bottom of box.


Original Snow White Art - Mega Brands 300 piece puzzle, measures approx. 19" x 26 3/4". Features the artwork of Tim Rogerson. See earlier post for more on Tim and his Disney paintings.

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