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1967 'Blancanieves' Read-Along Record HL 084-04 (Amparito Garrido)

Walt Disney Presenta El cuento de Blancanieves y los siete enanitos (Walt Disney Presents the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Story).

This Spanish-language album was distributed in Spain in 1967. Disneyland Record/Hispavox. Catalog no. HL 084-04. Format: 331⁄3 rpm, 7" vinyl. Blue disc labels with silver lettering. It was part of the "read-along" Mira, Escucha, Lee (Look, Listen, Read) series.

The recording was produced and directed by Edmundo Santos. It featured Amparito Garrido as the narrator. She speaks with a Castilian Spanish dialect. No other dialog, sound effects or music were incorporated into the recording, although two songs were included at the very end: Silbando al trabajar (Whistle While You Work) and Hi-Ho. Sung by Lupita Pérez Arias and the cast from the 1964 redub soundtrack. An attached 24-page book follows along with the audio story. (The same illustrations are found in other versions including the 1966 US edition, no. LLP 310.) A musical chime lets young readers know to turn the page.

A text box aong the bottom front cover reads, "Banda Sonora De la Película" which translates as Movie Soundtrack. Most of the albums we found online have this notation, although not all.


The record was also released as a 45 rpm. Along the bottom front cover is a logo for Dulces Unzué, Spanish candy manufacturer. It's possibly this may have been a promo item. We recently came across this vintage "Happy" candy container, also from Dulces Unzué.


The recording was reissued in 1979 as part of the multi-record Cuentodisco Bruguera (Bruguera Fairytale) series. Bruguera/Disneyland Record/Hispavox labels. Same catalog no. HL 084-04. Format: 45 rpm, 7" vinyl. The Blancanieves album was no. 1 in the collection.

White disc labels with red lettering.

Examples from the attached 24-page book.

You can listen to the story and see the book pages at

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