Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Evil Queen "Classic" Doll

Right before the start of the new year, Disney Store released several villains into their Classic Doll Collection. Among them is none other than Snow White's evil stepmother. The 12" Queen comes in her purple satin gown with gold trim and a red braided tie, plus a black cape lined with red satin.

Item No. 6070040900174P

The Queen, with her oversized head and affordable sticker price ($14.50 or two for $20), is more in line with a younger target audience. Some folks don't quite know what to make of her enlarged cranial dimensions, but I kind of like the big noggin. Fully poseable. Plastic/polyester.

The same "Classic Doll Collection" packaging was seen earlier in the series with the 2012 Snow White & Prince dolls.

Stock image copyright Disney.

The Queen's 'cowl' is molded to her head, but the crown comes off.

Additional image courtesy of drj1828.

Special thanks to Evil Queen/Witch collector Kurt Raymond for additional info on this doll.


  1. "Some folks don't quite know what to make of her enlarged cranial dimensions..." {raises hand} I generally think of evil elegance when I think of The Evil Queen. Stepping into Bobblehead Land doesn't mesh with that. Independently, her head and her body look great, though.

    1. For someone like me, who paws over so much SW merchandise each week, it's kinda fun to see something slightly more quirky. But you're absolutely right Sheryl. One of the great things about Disney's best villains is that they are just so cool (elegant) in their evilness. A "bobblehead" doesn't quite fit the bill. That's probably why these are marketed for a younger crowd.

  2. The head does seem proportionally wrong, and as a cast member, when guests comment on that, I tell them her head is so big because of her huge ego, gehe

    1. Thanks funny. Someone else said almost the same thing to me just the other day. Good one. :)