Thursday, February 14, 2013

1938 Dwarfs Mechanical Valentine Cards

It was in an earlier post that we detailed the Snow White card from this vintage collection of mechanical valentines. Now here's the Dwarfs. Each contains text with a poetic greeting, and they all have appendages which move. Imprint reads "© 1938 W.D. ENT." Cards measure about 4.75" to 5.25" tall.


His arms move up and down.

I am Grumpy so they say
But you could change me in a day


Head moves side-to-side.

Love songs and Swing Music
from Doc to my Patient Valentine


Arms move, raises candle.

I am Dopey, that is true--
Simply Dopey over you


Arms and accordion swing side-to-side.

Though I'm Sleepy, for your sake
I'll always--always stay awake


Head tilts back, heart pops up out of plate.

My name is Sneezy, and it's true
I sneeze at everyone but you


Pull the branch downward and up pops a heart from the tree stump.

Thinking about you all through the day
Can't get started, 'cause I'm bashful that way


Holding conductor's baton, Happy rotates slightly at waist.

I want you, for I'll confess
You'd bring Happy, happiness
Card images via capeanntiques.

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  1. These are sort of daringly-worded for 1938, but I really think that they're super clever and cool!

    I had the 1994 variety....