Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow White Mural at Ella's Deli

I stopped into Ella's Deli the other day for a hot dog and discovered a Snow White mural. What's Ella's Deli? It's a restaurant, kosher deli, and ice cream parlor located in Madison, Wisconsin. The place is crazy kid-friendly--from an operating 1927 carousel out front to animated figures and whimsical decor inside.

Mechanical clowns, jugglers, robots, and cartoon characters are just a few of the strange yet wonderful things you might see passing over head or adjacent your table.

Located next to a small booth is where the Snow White mural is found. Snow and four of the dwarfs are painted on the wall, but they're gathered around a spinning Ferris wheel which actually sits on a shelf.

Image copyright Wanda Woman via MiceChat.

Here's a few pics snapped with my cell phone.

A couple of Snow's forest friends join them. The bunny is on a pillar just to the right.

That's not all. If you happen to look up above the mural, sitting on another shelf is a Snow White forest diorama.

Image copyright Wanda Woman via MiceChat.

I came across this short video on youtube showing the atmosphere of the place...

Video posted by Amy Berg.

You never know what you'll discover next at Ella's. Learn more at the Ella's Deli website.


  1. This place is awesome. With the name "Ella's Deli" you would think they would have a Cinderella theme...

    1. You make a really good point there Dan. I think they might actually have Cinderella buzzing around the ceiling somewhere, but I didn't notice her on this past visit.

  2. Ate there several years ago, great place!