Saturday, February 16, 2013

1948/52 "Seven Dwarfs" Book from Grosset & Dunlap/Golden

In 1948, Grosset & Dunlap published a small book entitled, Come Play with the Seven Dwarfs. Hardcover. The story and pictures were by the Walt Disney Studio, adapted by Julius Svendsen.

In 1952, the volume would be reworked into a Little Golden Book called, Walt Disney's Seven Dwarfs Find A House, #D67. Contains a total of 24 pages (not including covers). Both titles had vintage, yet fresh looking cover art. Original retail price 25¢.

In this edition, the story is told by Annie North Bedford, adapted from the Julius Svendsen version. Published by Simon and Schuster (printed by Western Printing and Lithographing Company).

The text in the second version, although still meant for very young readers, is a little more advanced.

So we start out by learning there are seven dwarfs who sleep out in the forest because they have no home.

Coming to the rescue are the forest animals who lead the "seven little men" to an empty house which they simply claim as their own. Life is so easy sometimes.

Without a Snow White to guide them (she does not appear in the book), the dwarfs actually clean the cottage, wash up for dinner, and make the food all on their own.

In their normal fashion, they end the day with some good music.

Story and artwork copyright Disney.

Thank you to Disney buff Dan Alexander Dizmentia who found and donated the Little Golden Book to the Filmic Light Collection. Also thanks go to the Michael Filippello Collection for the info and images from the Grosset & Dunlap comparison.


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