Saturday, January 25, 2014

1938 Snow White "Target Game"

A shooting arcade style amusement from 1938, the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Target Game was created by board game designer Arthur Dritz, copyrighted by Walt Disney Enterprises, and manufactured by the American Toy Works of New York.

The contents included a metal pistol with four rubber darts, a 13" x 19" game board with its two wooden footings, the Seven Dwarfs targets (which came wrapped in crepe paper), and the game directions.

The wood piece attached to the board holds the targets. Each dwarf has a different value--Sneezy is lowest at 10 points while Dopey is 70. The Old Witch circles are marked 50 and 75.

The rules outline three different games that can be played with this set:

Game No. 1 - The dwarfs are set on the wooden slide in numerical order, starting with the smallest number (Sneezy) at the bottom. The goal is to knock the lowest dwarf off and the others will slide down into position. The player to hit the highest numbered dwarf after seven shots wins that round.

Game No. 2 - Each player gets four shots at the three ring target. The Witch in the center is worth 100 points or 200 if it's a perfectly centered hit. Most points wins.

Game No. 3 - The dwarf targets on the box cover can be used for a game too. Players start by aiming at the 10-point Doc and work their way up. Highest number achieved after seven shots is your score for that round. Bonus points are given for a perfect bull's eye.

Also included were two small papers: A list of games produced by American Toy Works and a note about the use of the wooden stands.

Box measures approximately 13.25" x 19.5".

Images via Twogo Books + Comics, artemisjamie and Hakes
Special thanks to Twogo Books and Comics for providing the photo of the directions.


  1. Wow, this one is really complete! Almost new looking. Why would anyone want to shoot at the friendly Dwarfs??

    1. Yeah, I thought it was a little odd that it's designed to shoot the dwarfs. Oh well, must be a 1938 thing.