Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1938 Programs from Radio City Music Hall (Weeks 1-5)

During its initial release, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ran for five weeks at Radio City Music Hall. For each of those weeks, a new "Special Souvenir Edition" playbill was issued. The softbound program had articles on the film and images from its making. Also included were some people pics and plenty of vintage ads from the era. (Measures approximately 6.75" x 9".)

While the five booklets are pretty much all the same, the first does have an extra four pages, and in each the content is ever so slightly different. Just to be overly thorough, below is a look at all five Snow White editions of Showplace: The Magazine of Radio City Music Hall.

#1 - Showplace Vol. 2, No. 2 (20 pages). For the week beginning Thursday, January 13, 1938...

Front Cover.

Page 2...The Saks Fifth Avenue doll ad only appears in this first issue. Movie goers are encouraged to come see their Snow White window displays. Page 3...A "Curtain Calls" article on Walt with speculation that Dopey will be featured in a series of shorts.

Page 4...A "Previews" page features Having Wonderful Time (Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Page 5..."The Center Piece" is a selection of short blurbs that include mention of the Hindenburg but nothing with Snow White. Neither of  these pages appeared in the later editions.

Page 6...The "Showplace Fashion Guide" article discusses Snow White's dress and makeup. Plus there's a "Magic Mirror" fur ad. Page 7...A Walt Disney "Snow White" write-up on why he made the film.

Pages 8-9...The "Inside Story" on the making of the film.

Pages 10-11...The "Program" includes the date for which it was published.

Page 12..."The Cast" of Snow White with ad for the Cartier bracelet. Page 13...Grumpy and the dwarfs in a Roger Peet tuxedo ad.

Page 14..."Backstage Celebration" article on the Music Hall New Years party. Page 15...Continuation of the "Showplace Fashion Guide".

Page 16..."Who's Who" article from the Music Hall glee club. Page 17... Ad for Jack Dempsey's Restaurant.

Page 18...RCMH production credits. Page 19...The Seven Dwarfs ice skating ad for the Rockefeller Center pond.

Back Cover...RCA advertisement.

Image scans courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.


#2 - Showplace Vol. 2, No. 3 (16 pages). For the week beginning Thursday, January 20, 1938...

Front and Back Covers both remain the same.

2-3. The skating dwarfs and "Who's Who" article have been moved here in the booklet.

4-5. Photos from the Snow White premiere.

6-9. A new ad for "Snow White Make-Up" at Helena Rubinstein's Make-Up Bar.


14-15. Ad for the Victor Records Snow White soundtrack. Three record set for $2.25.

Image scans courtesy of Brian Sibley.


#3 - Showplace Vol. 2, No. 4 (16 pages). For the week beginning Thursday, January 27, 1938...

Still searching for the page images on this one.


#4 - Showplace Vol. 2, No. 5 (16 pages). For the week beginning Thursday, February 3, 1938...

Front and Back Covers.

2-5. Photo of Roy Disney with secretary of the Music Hall G.S. Eyssell and RKO V.P. Ned E. Depinet.




Image scans courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic.


#5 - Showplace Vol. 2, No. 6 (16 pages). For the week beginning Thursday, February 10, 1938...

Front and Back Covers. Ad for the Rockefeller Center Skating Pond now appears on the rear cover.



10-13. "From The Mailbag" letter on the courtesy of the Music Hall ushers during Snow White.


Image scans courtesy of legendsandmoreinc.


  1. I love ephemera like this, linked to such a historic event; it really takes you there.

  2. We just found a copy of the Vol 2, No. 3 issue today at a local ephemera show. It's in lovely condition and is great fun to read the ads for Hotel rooms in NY starting at $2.50/night including Continental breakfast. Can't find that today!!! Thank you for posting such a thorough review of these magazines. Extremely helpful and enjoyable.

    1. Glad you found our site Todd & Doug. And congratulations on your cool find. It's a handsome booklet for sure and the ads are a nice window into the past. Cheers!