Friday, January 31, 2014

Vintage Craftsmen's Guild Snow White Slides

Collector Rick Payne recently picked up this set of ten Snow White 35mm color slides manufactured by Craftsmen's Guild of Hollywood. Reproduced in 1944 from the original master film, each 2" x 2" slide is numbered, includes a scene from the movie, and a text description. The images could be enjoyed with a regular slide projector or a handheld viewer.

The set of ten is housed in its original paperboard holder. The photos are backlight so we can see the color images.

The slides came in a paper envelope (6.5" x 10") labeled Walt Disney Cartoon Characters. Interestingly, this particular envelope is marked as Set No. 6 - Dumbo, but it contained the Snow White slides. Retail price was $2.50 per set.

Above images and info courtesy of the Rick Payne Collection via dadric's attic.

Thanks to collector Michael Filippello, we get a look at the Snow White envelope, Set No. 3, which he has in his collection.

Each set also came with an informational insert with details on the specific slides and a promo for "The Hollywood Viewer"...retail $2.45.

The Hollywood Viewer and box.

A 1944 periodical advertisement (left) from Willoughbys camera store in NYC. You could get the set of 10 slides for $2.50; slides plus viewer $4.95. An ad from a July 1947 toy publication (right).

A couple slides as seen through the viewer.

Additional images courtesy of the Michael Filippello Collection.

In an era before the Cloud, Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, Super 8 reels or even television, full-color slides provided a simple, yet wonderful way to relive the Snow White experience long after it had left the movie theatre.

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