Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1992 Dynamic "Magic of Disney" Stickers

Following on the success of their previous year's sticker collection, Dynamic Marketing (Australia) released The Magic of Disney series in 1992. It included 42 blue ear-shaped stickers (seven to a pack), plus two sets of chase stickers: 20 "cinema stickers" and 20 "funny phrase stickers" (one each per pack).

Snow White (#30) and The Wicked Queen (#40) were part of the lineup.

The complete set of ear-shapes: 1. Donald Duck 2. Dumbo 3. Lady and the Tramp 4. Geppetto 5. Huey, Dewey and Louie 6. Belle 7. Mickey Mouse 8. Minnie Mouse 9. Bambi 10. Gadget 11. Shere Khan 12. Webby 13. The Beast 14. Goofy 15. Cinderella 16 Scrooge McDuck 17. Ursula 18. Louie 19. Triton 20. Alice 21. Thumper 22. Launchpad 23. Dale 24. Chip 25. Daisy Duck 26. Pinocchio 27. Pluto 28. Jiminy Cricket 29. Baloo 30. Snow White 31. Winnie The Pooh 32. Sleeping Beauty 33. Mrs Potts, Cogsworth and Lumiere 34. Captain Hook 35. Kit Cloudkicker 36. Gyro Gearloose 37. Gruffy 38. Ariel 39. Tinkerbell 40.  The Wicked Queen 41. Jake 42. Peter Pan

A giant wall poster was available with allocated places around the border to put all 42 stickers.


The Cinema Stickers displayed Disney movie posters. The Snow White (#9) artwork was from the 50th anniversary "pink dress" one-sheet from 1987.

The complete set of Cinema Stickers: 1. The Great Mouse Detective 2. Duck Tales 3. Pinocchio 4. Fantasia 5. Beauty and the Beast 6. The Little Mermaid 7. Cinderella 8. Jungle Book 9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 10. Oliver and Company 11. The Rescuers Down Under 12. 101 Dalmatians 13. The Fox and the Hound 14. Sleeping Beauty 15. The Rescuers 16. Alice in Wonderland 17. Lady and the Tramp 18. Peter Pan 19. Dumbo 20. Make Mine Music


The Funny Phrase Stickers included both Dopey (#15) and Grumpy (#16).

All images courtesy of Cheryl Ridge. Used with permission.

The complete set of 20 funny phrases:

1. Beast: I'm feeling absolutely beastly
2. Ariel: Don't let it dampen your spirit!
3. Goofy: I've got to remember to let go of the ball
4. Winnie the Pooh: Another sticky situation!
5. Mickey Mouse: Are you ready because the star has...
6. Minnie Mouse: Guess who's got a secret!
7. Baloo and Mowgli: Let's hang out together
8. Monterrey Jack: Well, would you believe this one...
9. Fat Cat: Mastermind at work
10. Pluto: What a day, I'm dog tired
11. Scuttle: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard
12. Donald Duck: Stop it! You're driving me crazy!
13. Dale: Don't look at me - I didn't do it!
14. Sebastian: Yikes!!
15. Dopey: What do you mean I'm a bubble brain?
16. Grumpy: Do you really expect me to believe that?
17. Huey, Dewey and Louie: It's party time!
18. Uncle Scrooge: Now that's what I call an allowance!
19. Tinker Bell: Some days, nothing seems to go right
20. The Rescuers: Are you sure he knows how to drive...


  1. This is the first place I've actually found a pic online of the completed poster. I have one of my owned, it's framed and complete, but I have no idea how much it's worth because I have nothing to compare it to. Do you have any leads on its possible value?

    1. Hi Nat, Thanks for contacting us. Sorry don't know what the monetary value would be. Of course, it all depends on finding the right buyer. You're correct, the completed set does not show up very often. If you haven't already, the best place to start is checking out ebay and related sites for similar items. See what people are selling the individual stickers for as well as the incomplete maps. This should at the very least give you a ballpark figure. Best of luck.