Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1944 Lyn Murray 'Snow White' Decca Record A-368

In 1944, Decca Records released the Snow White songs as reinterpreted by composer and conductor Lyn Murray and his Orchestra, plus several guest singers. The four-record 78rpm set came housed in an album with Disney artwork on both the front and back covers. Decca catalog no. A-368.

The inside front cover features illustrations of the dwarfs and the princess. The cartoonish style in which Snow White is depicted here is not uncommon during the 1940s.

Four individual record sleeves.

Record 23325A/B
Matrix #71916 & 71918

Record 23326A/B
Matrix #71942 & 71961

Record 23327A/B
Matrix #71943 & 71962

Record 23328A/B
Matrix #71944 & 71917

The inside back cover displays photos of director Lyn Murray and the performers during the recording sessions.

Album and record scans from the Filmic Light Collection.


Also included with the album is 16-page booklet with information on the movie, Walt Disney, and Lyn Murray and his singers.

The Snow White story chart on p.13 first appeared in the 1938 movie pressbook (earlier post).

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Soundbites and booklet image scans courtesy of Greg Philip of A Lost Film.

This record set was later reissued on a lone 33⅓ rpm disc and also a set of 45 rpm records.


  1. Whew, pink, yellow and Army green… that's some color combo for the cover! The booklet is neat.

    1. An interesting choice in colors, that's for sure. :)

  2. I just found this box set in my basement....