Saturday, November 15, 2014

2014 Kirin Tea Bottles from Japan

Kirin Beverage Company in Japan recently released a series of new Disney-themed tea bottles. It appears there may be about 10 slightly different Snow White labels this time around.
  • Straight Tea (Red Label) - Snow White
  • Straight Tea (Red Label) - Seven Dwarfs
  • Straight Tea Sugarless - Snow White
  • Straight Tea Sugarless - Seven Dwarfs
  • Milk Tea (White Label) - Snow White
  • Milk Tea (White Label) - Seven Dwarfs
  • Lemon Tea (Yellow Label) - Snow White
  • Lemon Tea (Yellow Label) - Seven Dwarfs
  • "Happiness" Apple and Mango Tea - Snow White with Happy
  • "Happiness" Apple and Mango Tea - Snow White with Bashful

All of the tea labels (except for the "Happiness" bottles) contain a letter from the English alphabet. Snow White appears with the letter "B" and the Dwarfs with "I".

Milk Tea, Lemon Tea, and Straight Tea Sugarless...

Tinker Bell "P" appears on the opposite side of the Seven Dwarfs "I" label and Winnie-the-Pooh "O" (not shown here) is on the other side of the Snow White "B" label.

There are also two Snow White Apple & Mango "Happiness" labels, one with Bashful, the other with Happy.

Special thanks to Takahiro Mizuno for letting us know about these tea bottles and for providing images and/or links to images.

Also see the Snow White labels from 2012 and 2013.

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