Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Retired Ride Vehicle from Snow White's Adventures

On a trip to Orlando this past spring, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending several days with author Ron Miles and his son Ben (who will forever hold the record for most rides on the now-defunct Scary Adventures attraction at WDW). During one of our many and varied conversations that week, somehow Ron and I got to talking about the eBay PowerSeller: Theme Park Connection.

Over the years, in my multitude of hours doing Snow White research, I have regularly come across their online auctions. Theme Park Connection is a huge seller of Disney items, including numerous unique and/or rare finds. To my surprise, Ron informed me that in addition to selling on the web, they also have a brick-and-mortar store.

AND it was only a short drive from his house! So, of course, we had to go.

You never know what they may have in stock on any one visit. This day, it seemed quite apropos that sitting in the middle of the floor was a retired Snow White's Adventures two-seater ride vehicle. Dates from before the 1994 renovation when three-seaters were introduced.

A lower back panel was no longer attached.

The Dwarf name plate on the front of the car had also been removed.

When asked, the sales people behind the counter were reluctant to say exactly how much the mine car had sold for, but they did indicate that it was in the thousands of dollars.


In a series of recent online auctions, Theme Park Connection was also offering the sign props from the ride vehicles--one for each Dwarf. These name plates were made from resin and measured approximately 16" x 4' x 0.5".

Most sold in the high $200 to low $300 range. Although, Doc went for $404 and Dopey topped them all at $467.89.

Name plate images via Theme Park Connection. 


  1. I know that Theme Park Connection needs to make money, but it seems kind of lame to pry the nameplates off of the vehicles to sell separately.

    Still, wouldn't that be an awesome souvenir??

    Happy Thanksgiving!