Monday, February 16, 2015

1982 Danish Promotional Flyer for Snow White

Like a scaled down version of a pressbook, this two-sided flyer was sent to theatre operators in Denmark to encourage the screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Snehvide og de syv Dværge) and to promote the merchandise. The text--i en splinterny dansk version translates as--in a brand new Danish version. Up until now, the original 1938 Danish soundtrack had been used for all the earlier releases of the film, but in 1982, Disney created a new dub.

The text in the lower left box plugs Snow White books, and in the lower right, Snow White records and tapes.

On the opposite side of the flyer, we see different versions of ads that could be utilized in the theatre's newspaper promotions. A press release (pressemeddelelse) is included along with a few short press blurbs (pressen skrev). A couple of reviewer images (2 spaltet anmelder aftryk) were available too.

The new Danish voice actors are credited at the bottom. Snow White was voiced by Tove Hyldgaard, the Evil Queen & Witch by Kirsten Rolffes. The film was distributed in Denmark by Columbia-Fox.

Special thanks to Holger Paulsen for sharing these images that he found online.

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