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1937-38 Ohio Art Snow White Tea Sets

Well-known for their high quality tin lithographed toys, the Ohio Art Company of Bryan, OH was a prolific manufacturer and Disney licensee in the 1930s. Among their myriad of items produced, the children's tea sets are probably some of the most sought-after. Several different Snow White packages were issued.

Their 22-piece boxed set (#638S “pink”) includes six servings of 4" diameter plates, 2.5" saucers, and 1.25" tea cups. Plus one tea pot with lid, open sugar and creamer cups, and an 8" x 10” serving tray.

All of the pieces feature various lithos of Snow White and the dwarfs.

Copyright imprint reads, "OHIO ART CO. - BRYAN, O. USA - ©1937 WALT DISNEY ENTERPRISES."

The original box measures 12" x 18" and is 2" deep. The repeating patterns on either side of the lid are of rabbits. This same box was used for other Snow White sets also.


In a 1938 wholesale catalog produced by L. Gould & Co. of Chicago (pg.96), we get some solid information about what was in each package and also how much they sold to retailers for. The 22-piece set above was wholesaled for $8.50/dozen. A similar 16-piece collection went for $8.00/dozen.

Catalog scan via gdawg.


Also listed in the catalog is a condensed 8-piece box. Dimensions 10.25" x 10.5". Wholesale price $4.00/dozen.

This set included a small serving tray with an illustration of Doc at the piano while Snow, Dopey and Bashful look on. Measures just 5.5" x 7.5".

The tray is seen in The Collector's Encyclopedia of Disneyana by Michael Stern and David Longest, p.143 (Collector Books, 1992).


Another variation was this nine-piece set which came in a 10" x 12" box (2" deep). It's marked “Children’s Tea Set” with the product #62R-8631/Pink stamped on side panel. The cover illustration features three girls and a boy having a tea party together. Enclosed are two plates, two saucers, two tea cups, a tea pot w/lid, and the creamer and sugar cups. Some sets may have originally come with a serving tray as well.

Boxed tea set images via Hake's.

Hake's sold this last set at auction for $474.38 on November 10, 2011. We don't see many tin toys like these anymore. It's kind of special that Ohio Art made 'em to last.

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