Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Light-Up Googly Princess

A Snow White "Light-Up Googly Princess" was found in the Valentine's Day seasonal section at Target earlier this month. What's a Googly Princess? A squishy, jiggly party favor figure made from rubbery latex-like material. Stands a little over 3" tall. Retail just 99¢.

The bottom is imprinted with "© 2013 Imperial Toy LLC - Made in China - © Disney." And this particular Snow is stamped with a Target tracking number from October 2014.

Other princesses in the series include Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella.

One cool component is that each figure has a small ball in the skirt portion that lights up with a red, blinking light when impacted. Powered by a button cell battery (non-replaceable).

And here's a video showing the light-up feature in action...

These girls were also seen in 2014 at Walgreens in the Easter section (for about $3) and later at Walmart in the toy isle. Special thanks to 1937fan at Whistle While We Blog for the heads-up on this one and for sharing additional pics.

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