Monday, September 7, 2015

1938 Australian Songbooks

Snow White sheet music was first sold in America in the form of songbooks by Irving Berlin, Inc. The same series (but with a green-tinted cover) was also released in Australia and New Zealand by Allans Music Publishers, circa 1938.

The "Song Selection" book contained 16 pages (including the non-glossy covers) and eight songs. Just sheet music inside, no drawings or pictures. Measures 9" x 12".

"Authorized for sale in Australia and New Zealand, but not elsewhere." Original retail price 2/- (AUS), 2/6 (NZ).

A slightly later printing shows the base price went up to 2/6.

At the bottom of every page is some combination of annotation. Note the publication no. is B.3742.

A still later printing lists the price at 5/- or 50¢.

Each of the Snow White songs was also published individually in 4-page versions.

Special thanks to the John M. Collection of Australia for generously providing additional information and a few of these image scans.


  1. I love the British Children's Album of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but it's fascinating to see other countries variations