Saturday, September 5, 2015

Snow White Glass Lantern Slides

Made in England by Ensign Limited, this set of Snow White glass "lantern slides" dates from circa 1938. A handsome Tenggren-esque illustration is seen on the front cover of the blue box, which featured a die-cut pop-up section.

Inside the main package are three boxes (chapters 1-3) containing two slide plates each. Each plate has six images for a total of 36 altogether.

The full color images are not taken directly from the movie but are rather similar to the illustrations used in comics, storybooks, and other items at the time.

Chapter 1...

Chapter 2...

Chapter 3...

Each slide box also came with a story page to follow along with.

The back of blue package.

The slides were also sold in a green box (possibly a re-issue), sans the die-cut pop-up section on the cover. It also did not include the three smaller inner boxes that were available in the blue version

Similar Disney slides were available for The Three Little Pigs, assorted other Silly Symphonies, and Pinocchio.

Additional images & info courtesy of the Richard Holliss Collection.

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