Saturday, September 12, 2015

Olszewski Snow White PokitPal Box

The Snow White PokitPal box was part of The Art of Disney Theme Parks Collection by artist Robert Olszewski. Issued May 2011, I purchased one at Walt Disney World in June of 2012. Also available at Disneyland, and it showed up online at the Disney Store in late November 2013.

Made of resin. Bas relief sculpture on all sides. Hand-painted, ivory finish. Snow White and Prince cameo on back. The swivel top is removable, with two magnetic closures to keep lid on tight. Measures 2.5'' H x 1 .625'' W x 1'' D. Original retail price $19.95.

Disney Store Item No. 7509055880210P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Olszewski signature logo stamped on inner wall.

Original packaging.

See the Evil Queen PokitPal in next post.


  1. Wow! The wishing well picture translates into this medium beautifully! <3