Sunday, September 13, 2015

Olszewski Evil Queen PokitPal Box

Evil Queen PokitPal box by Robert Olszewski. Created especially for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. First issued in March 2010, I bought mine at WDW's Downtown Disney in June 2012. Resin. Bas relief sculpture. Swivel removable top with magnetic closures. Hand-painted Queen cameo on cover. Witch on bottom. Magic Mirror frame filigree trim. This one is slightly wider than the Snow White box (in previous post). Measures 2.5'' H x 2'' W x 1'' D. Original retail $19.95.

Item No. 7509002520238P.

Stock images copyright Disney.

Original box label.

Many other PokitPals were created by Olszewsk. Here's a peek at Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent.

Item No. 7509002520237P.

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