Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vintage Snow White Theatre Program from Vietnam

A program from the premiere of Snow White at La Majestic Theatre in then Indochina (Hanoi, Vietnam), circa 1938 or 39. The text, written in French, does not mention Walt Disney or the making of the film. It simply recounts the Snow White story--albeit not exacting according to the film version. It is told by J.G. Auriol (a French film critic, screenwriter and actor). Speaking about the dwarfs, he writes "fleeting and well-meaning creatures, spirits of nature like fairies or dryads that our ancestors met before the woodcutter's axe violated the peace of trees."

The colorful drawings are reproductions of the French posters.

It's richly bound with a red ribbon.

Screenings took place in Hanoi and Haiphong. The only ad is for the printer of the booklet on the last page.

The program comes from the collection of Greg Philip of A Lost Film. He purchased it from the daughter of a woman who attended this Hanoi premiere when she was 18 years old. The daughter said that her mother had saved two of these programs from that night and so was willing to let one go to Greg.

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