Friday, September 16, 2016

Enesco Ceramic Wishing Well Bank

Snow White Wishing Well bank. Hand-painted, glazed ceramic. Dates from circa 1967. Rooftop with text, "Wishing and saving will make it so." The piece measures 5" tall. Removable rubber stopper allows access to money. Imprint on bottom reads, "© Walt Disney Productions." Manufactured by Enesco and imported from Japan.

A partial foil sticker is still attached to the bottom of this piece. It reads, "Imports - Enesco - Japan."

Images via finer_finds_ca + karns_zh.

Original box. Also gold foil sticker on front of wishing well that reads, Savings Bank."

Image via Hake's.

The bank was listed on page 8 of the Snow White Merchandising Supplement to the 1967 US Pressbook.

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