Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chad Valley Snow White Felt Dolls

Circa 1938, a collection of felt Snow White dolls was created by toy manufacturer Chad Valley of Harborne, England. Molded felt faces with painted features. A black mohair wig for the princess; white mohair beards for the dwarfs. Felt and cloth clothing.

A few different Snow White designs were issued--and according to what we find online--also a couple of different sizes. The smaller princess seems to measure about 32 cm (12.5"), the larger 42 cm (18"). Two sizes for the dwarfs too, about 15 cm (7") and 25 cm (10").

The blue & pink dress. Pink ribbons in hair and pink felt shoes. A smaller doll has all-blue puffed shoulder sleeves. The larger version includes the iconic slashed sleeves which show pink fabric underneath.

Snow White--smaller version.

Images via Hake's, Theriault's, Bamfords.

Snow White--larger version.

Dwarfs--smaller version.

Doc is shown here sans his celluloid glasses. Next to him is Bashful dressed in a blue jacket, hat and shoes, rather than the green seen above.

Dwarfs--larger version. Grumpy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

Attached by twine to each doll was a double-sided oval name tag, 2.5" long.

The original chipboard boxes are covered in different patterned paper. The end labels read, "Chad Valley - Hygienic Textile Toys" and each has a character name stamp.


The blue & yellow dress. 18" Snow pictured here with the smaller-sized dwarfs.


The white dress. Cream-color cape. 18" Snow with smaller-sized dwarfs.

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