Friday, June 16, 2017

Lenox Figural Thimble Collections

The Disney Magic Thimble Collection by Lenox became available in 1998. Interested buyers could mail in a subscription form to receive their first piece, made from hand-painted bonded porcelain. A new figural thimble would be shipped each month. Each measures approximately 2" tall. A total of 24 in the original series, which included Snow White. Price $12.95 each. A mirrored display stand was included with the subscription at no extra charge.

Lenox thimble ad from a 1998 newspaper coupon section.

Ad scan courtesy of Dan Alexander Dizmentia.


A second series, The Animated Classics Thimble Collection, was also produced by Lenox. It was comprised of a total of 12 figures including the Witch and a Dopey/Grumpy piece.

Dwarf thimble via

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