Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools - Still Not the Snow White You Were Looing For?

If one was to actually spend a substantial portion of the waking hours researching the subject of Snow White, then it's to be expected that, after a time, one might actually find something on the subject of "snow white"...or maybe not.

License Plate, Virginia. Image courtesy Justin Hankins. Used with permission.

Street Sign, Godfrey, Illinois. Image courtesy starberryshyne. Used with permission.

 Street Signs, Mt. Charleston area, Nevada. Image copyright Sumiko.

Duluth Food Center. Image copyright Duluth News Tribune.

Kerr Snow White Plaster of Paris. Image copyright evytinggo7.

 Snow White Soda Bottle. Image via (left) franksauct, (right) skevco.

Bottle Cap, Snow White Cream Soda. Image via

Snow White Soda Re-Branding, Summer 2010. Images copyright Canadian Design Resource.

Snow White Shoe Polish, 1910. Image courtesy of storeduster. Used with permission.

Snow White Sugar. Image via Bakery Products.

Sno-Wite Flour Sacking Towels. Image from personal stock.

And thanks to Brian Wyant for sending this addition to the snow white "not" list. The boardwalk at Wildwood, New Jersey. Snow White's...serving up pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and fried chicken.


  1. I don't know if it's because I haven't had soda in a while or what, but I want to try that Snow White soda!

  2. I want to live on Snow White Terrace!

  3. LOL!!! Hey, have you ever seen a movie called Sydney White?

  4. Very cool! There is a tiny, very popular burger joint called Snow White Grill in Winchester, Virginia.

  5. Kalli and Tokyo-- Me too to both!

    Connie-- Sure have. I really enjoyed it. A fun little twist on Snow White.

    Dan-- I wonder if it's related to the place in NJ? (See new photo above.)

  6. That is my Snow White Terrance photo. It is a street in a subdivision called "Storyland." There are other streets such as "Cinderella Ave.", "Bambi drive" etc etc. The funniest one is "Dopey Ln" because it only has one house on that street. Haha!

  7. Hi Sara-- Sounds like a "magical" place to live.