Friday, April 22, 2011

Snow White Tonner Dolls

The fashion dolls designed by artist Robert Tonner and his small team of artisans are some of the most sought after collectible dolls on the market today. In 2009, the Tonner Doll Company released a line of Disney princesses including Snow White.

Two different Snow White models were produced, each in a limited edition run of just 1000 dolls. They are made of vinyl and hard plastic, stand about 15" tall, and feature rooted saran hair and hand-painted eyes. The limbs are capable of "multiple articulated movement for imaginative posing." In addition, Tonner also released a 16" Evil Queen in the fall of 2009. It too was a limited edition of 1000 dolls.

Doll 1
Model Number: T9DYDD0
Manufacturer's Price: $174.99 (USD)

Doll 2
Model Number: T9DYDD02
Manufacturer's Price: $149.99 (USD)

Evil Queen
Model Number: T9DYDD03
Manufacturer's Price: $199.99 (USD)

All images above via Tonner Doll Company. See next post on doll sculptor Margaret Leahy.


Fan and Review Photos:

Images courtesy of leiameow. Used with permission.

Images courtesy of L.R Faery. Used with permission.

Image courtesy of esmereldes.

Image courtesy of dalLowenbein. Used with permission.

Image courtesy of L.R Faery. Used with permission.


  1. Wow, their poses are surprisingly natural and capture the characters from the movie!

  2. Sheryl-- Yes the multiple articulated movement of the limbs is one of the exceptional features of the Tonner line.