Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1993 Mattel 'Snow White' PVC Figures

The Figures:

In 1993, Mattel issued a series of PVC Snow White figures which included Snow, the Prince, Queen, and Seven Dwarfs. The Queen and Prince measure about 3.5" tall down to the shortest dwarf at 2.25". The Witch was also produced later but not as part of the complete packaged set.

"Mattel Inc." and "Disney China" copyright stamp on bottom along with the 1993 date.

Above images courtesy of Disney Pixar Fanatics. Used with permission.

The Packaging:

The figures were available in a plethora of packaging arrangements--individually in blister packs, bundled in groups of two, three, and also in larger sets. Each package carried the 1990s "dwarf heads" banner along the lower front. Depending on the manufacturer's run, the individual package has either a four digit or five digit item number.

Snow White, Prince, and Queen all share the same four-digit number (no. 5192), but on the packages with five-digit numbers, each is specific to the individual character.

Slightly different card backer design.

Seven Dwarfs one-packs (no. 5191 or individual five-digit number).

European packaging (Doc five-digit no. 66973).

Two-packs (no. 5190).

Three-pack (no. 5364).

Seven Dwarfs set with different packaging (no. 5184 or 65351).

Snow White with Seven Dwarfs set (no. 5211).

Snow White Classic Figure Set includes Prince.

Complete set of ten (no. 5193).

There was a Witch figure too--seen below in a package that also included Snow White and Dopey (no. 66402).

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  1. Wow! Astonishing job and finding out all the information about these; especially on the various packaging arrangements. We're thinking that we got the 'complete ten set' package. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Thanks for the pics DPF! The post would not have been complete without your set.