Sunday, February 16, 2014

1938 Carthay Circle "Playgoer"

The Playgoer was a playbill handed out to patrons of the major Hollywood theatres during the "Golden Age". This edition was for the 1938 premiere engagement of Snow White at the Carthay Circle. Most of the pages are filled with vintage ads, many similar to those found in the special souvenir program that was handed out on the evening of the picture's world premiere (see earlier post). 

Sprinkled throughout the 32-page Playgoer are references to the movie, including a few interesting facts and anecdotes. On the cover is an image of the iconic theatre.

As we've seen in other publications, the Snow White voice actors are not named, only the characters who they portray.


On page 19, the program mentions how the Snow White name varies from language to language. Yet, on his Lost Film site, modern-day researcher Greg Philip points out that none of the spellings printed in the playbill accurately reflect the ones used in the international releases we know today...
"Schneeweischen" will become "Schneewittchen" in German, "Nevolina" will actually be "Biancaneve" in Italian, "Blanch Neige" is "Blanche Neige" in French, and "Blanca Nieve" turns to "Blanca Nieves" in Spanish.


The explanation as to why Walt Disney did not reveal the names of the voice actors is given on page 27.

Back cover.

Images and info courtesy of Greg Philip via A Lost Film.

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