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Snow White 'Four Songs' Disneyland Record 927 & 601

In the early 1970s, Disneyland Records produced a series of 33⅓ rpm LPs featuring four songs each. The first releases in this collection included the prefix "FS" in front of the catalog number, but its use was discontinued. 

The Snow White album was issued in 1973. No. 927. The four songs were taken from the soundtrack featuring Adriana Caselotti and the original 1938 cast. Blue disc labels with black lettering. Retail 49¢.

Side One: With a Smile and a Song, Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum
Side Two: Some Day My Prince Will Come, A Silly Song

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In 1975, the record was issued in the Disneyland 45 rpm Record series (which at the time included a total of 23 different titles). Copyright "© MCMLXXV". Catalog no. 601. Format: 45 rpm, 7" vinyl disc. Note that the cover only lists two songs, not four

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The 45 was reissued, this time with all four songs listed and a retail price of 59¢. Violet purple disc labels with white lettering. The series was increased by one (with addition of Babes in Toyland) for a total of 24 titles.

Filmic Light Collection.


The price went up to 99¢ on a later reissue.

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