Monday, June 23, 2014

"Snow White" tins, yet not Snow White

  • Snow White Tooth Powder...

Image via nicks_collectables.

  • Soda Cracker Tin, Snow White Bakeries...

Image via zshere.

  • 1920's Fancy Keystone Mushrooms - The Famous Snow White...

Image via 4realantiques.

  • "Snow White" Titanium Enamelware...

Image via llayton135.

  • Snow White Hair Beautifier - Lynchburg, Virginia...

Image via vrummy.

  • Blair's Snow White Hair Beautifier, also from Lynchburg, Virginia, dated 1941...

Image via StarsinAction.

  • Snow White Brand Powdered Onion, 25 lbs. restaurant size....

Image via oldmarinewife.


  1. I particularly like the concept of the Snow White hair beautifier. With our youth-obsessed culture, I don't think most people associate "snow white" with "beautiful hair." (I have seen some lovely white hair on older folks; I'm just commenting on our society's general attitude, which is mirrored in the Snow White story.)

  2. My mother use to use this in my hair when I was little, it use to smell soooo good...I wish they still made this, because it made my hair so pretty.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.