Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 Snow White Sculpture from Border Fine Arts

It was recently announced that the highly respected UK-based Border Fine Arts (BFA) studio will be producing a series of Disney sculptures in a collection entitled, A Moment in Time. Each piece will feature a memorable moment from one of the classic animated films. The first will be the Snow White scene where she wakes up to find the Seven Dwarfs peering over the end of the bed. Measures 20.5cm high x 35cm wide x 37cm deep.

It was sculpted by UK artist Peter Mook in collaboration with BFA design director, Ray Ayres. After casting, the resin figurines will each be assembled and painted by hand. Worldwide numbered edition of just 250. Certificate of authenticity included.

Distributed by Enesco, the series will only be available for purchase to the European market. Estimated release is early September 2014. Pre-orders can be made through Enesco's Langholm Gallery Retail price
£695 ($1184.00 US).

A Pinocchio figure is the second piece in the series. Special thanks to the Duckman for posting info on this new collection.

UPDATE: Later in 2014, this Snow White piece appeared online at the UK Disney Store.

UK Disney Store Item No. 410042148903P. Stock images copyright Disney.


  1. How long are figurines like this out for before they are retired?
    I am interested in purchasing one but not til next year

    1. Hi Andrew. This figurine in particular was limited to just 250. So it's fairly certain that it sold out right away. But pieces like this always pop up online at re-seller sites (like ebay). They can be costly though.