Monday, May 9, 2011

Argentinian Snow White Posters

A few Blanca Nieves y los Siete Enanos posters issued in Argentina.

1938 Premiere. RKO Radio Pictures, folded 27" X 41".


R-1958 (circa). Rank Films, folded 29" x 43".

The character illustration from this Argentinian one sheet matches the style found in the North American re-issue posters from both 1958 and 1967. Yet the background color and layout are distinct to the '58 three-sheet artwork rather than the '67 (see side-by-side comparison below).

Image via of Mike's Movie Posters.

Left: 1958 North American Buena Vista three-sheet. Right: 1967 North American Buena Vista one-sheet.


R-1975 (circa). 20th Century Fox, folded 29" X 42.5".


  1. Qué bonito es ver carteles de Blancanieves argentinos!! es que yo soy de origen argentino ^__^
    Bellísimo post!!!

  2. Fawn-- Estoy tan contenta de que te gusta. I am so glad you like them.