Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hansel Sandwiches TV Advertisement

Over the last several years, a series of interesting commercials have been produced for Rebisco, the Republic Biscuit Corporation located in the Philippines. The TV spots use familiar fairytale characters to promote their Hansel Sandwiches (cookies).

A Snow White piece was produced in 2008. The Witch visits the princess at the Dwarfs' cottage. Rather than biting into the poison apple, though, Snow is drawn back into the cottage by the aroma of a Hansel cookie. The production combines live action with animation. For obvious legal reasons, the dwarfs could not be drawn to resemble the Disney characters. Yet, the poison apple, the cottage, and forest glen do have a strong Disney-esque feel to them.

Poison Apple and Witch Screen Captures.

Client : Republic Biscuit Corporation
Director : Raul Jorolan
Producer/Writer : Gilbert Buguis
Cinematography : Monchie Redoble
Editor : Jojo Medalla
Production Design : Emery Villanueva
Music/Score : Noisy Neighbors
Animation : Holy Cow Animation
Production House : United Asia Productions

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