Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Closer Look at 25th Anniversary Sign from Tokyo Disneyland

As mentioned in the earlier mural post, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated it's 25th anniversary in 2008 and erected this commemorative Fantasyland sign. It shared short historical tidbits (in both English and Japanese characters) on the history of the original Fantasyland rides and the films that inspired them. The park had similar signage for every land and then also for those individual "E" ticket type attractions that were there on opening day.

Here's a nice look at the Disneyland mural artwork originally painted by imagineer Bill Justice back in 1976 for Snow White's Adventures...

More close-ups including concept art of the 1983 exterior of the Snow White attraction at Disneyland...



  1. Kurt Raymond here -
    Well, I for one am SO glad to see this Justice SW art up close - THANKS TOKYO, you made my day!
    When I was revising my Snow White attraction mural art to it's 1981 colors based on Bill Justice's 1976 repainting, I only had my tiny little pictures of this entire 25th sign to go by for color reference.
    I have a 50th Ann. Disneyland print of the 1976 Mr. Toad Justice Art (and his 1976 Peter Pan mural art is currently in an online art gallery for sale) but his Snow White was NOT released to the public as far as I knew. Glad to know I wasn't that far off, colorwise.
    It's interesting to see that Justice's renditions of Snow White and the Prince are a little 'older' than expected whereas the Huntsman looks YOUNGER than both of them.
    Again, thanks Tokyo (and Robert), I appreciate it!


  2. Glad you liked the pics, Kurt!