Sunday, May 1, 2011

Springtime Is When Celebrities Pose With Snow White

Back on May 23rd of 2008, the Orlando Sentinel's Theme Park Rangers posted this Celebrity/Snow White sighting...
Tina Fey...the 30 Rock star/writer/producer is here with her family, vacationing at Walt Disney World. That’s her two-year-old daughter with Snow White and her husband Jeff Richmond in the background near Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom.

I’m sure Snow is a good sport and doesn’t mind that Alice is wearing an Ariel/Little Mermaid shirt. Dewayne Bevil,  May, 23 2008

Photos by Gene Duncan /Walt Disney World


March 8, 2008...

Entertainer Wayne Newton strikes a "Dancing With the Stars" pose with Snow White at the Magic Kingdom.

Photo copyright Walt Disney World


March 23, 2009 from the Orlando Sentinel once again...
It's a double-star sighting today at the Magic Kingdom with 30 Rock star/mastermind Tina Fey and ER star John Stamos, posing with princesses Belle, Cinderella and Snow White inside Cinderella Castle. Fey and Stamos are visiting Walt Disney World with their respective families and happened to be at the theme park on the same day. Stamos is a known Disneyphile, but we wonder what Fey likes best about Disney World. Dewayne Bevil, Ma, 23 2009
Photo by Kent Phillips / Walt Disney World


April 16, 2011...

Lady Gaga stopped by the Magic Kingdom a couple weeks ago following her show in Orlando. The Evil Queen strikes a pose with the Grammy Award-winning singer. Dig those cool boots!

Photo by Todd Anderson / Walt Disney World.

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