Sunday, May 15, 2011

WDCC Old Witch Figurine, 1995

In only their fourth year of production, the artists behind the pieces coming out of WDCC were making quite a statement. The quality and detail of this particular figurine is simply striking.

Take the Apple, Dearie, the Walt Disney Classics Collection 1995 Fall/Winter Event Sculpture was released September 1st of that year. Created by artist Kent Melton, the Witch stands 7" tall. It's long bony fingers are sculpted in metal, the nose is painted to highlight the wart, and a new glazing technique gives the clothes a real fabric texture. Retail price: $130 (USD).

Image and figurine details via the Duckman's WDCC site.

The 1995 production year bottom stamp is the Practical Pig trowel. For '96, it was Donald Duck's sailor's hat. The edition was closed on March 31, 1996.

Images via dizneeluva, sellandship, and lumenator.

Video posted by thecollectionshop.


  1. This figurine reminds me of a Snow White one that I had when I was younger. It was a music box though! I can't remember what music it played, but the bottom of the witch figurine looks similar to the bottom of the Snow White one. I need to find it now!

  2. Wow, that is a really good-looking figurine. I like the detail in both sculpture and paint.

  3. Kalli-- If you locate that figurine online, let me know. I'd like to see it.

    Sheryl-- I agree. The WDCC artists took great care with both the sculpt and paint job.