Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow on Ice - Buttons/Pins

A pin-back button from the Snow White on Ice show, 1986. Measures 3" across. Original card.

Image from personal collection.

This Walt Disney's World on Ice pin can be seen at pinpics. It features the Norwegian name for Snow White, Snovit, at bottom. Pictured are Snow White dancing with Dopey and Sneezy on skates. The back reads "© Disney, Produced by Kenneth Feld, Pins Factory AB TEL +48-8-965050".

A series of character pins were released in Japan commemorating the 20th anniversary of Disney on Ice. There were twenty pins in total, each stamped with a different year. They were sold in five sets of four: 1986-1989 / 1990-1993 / 1994-1997 / 1998-2001 / 2002-2005.


Oddly, some of the pins appeared twice in the series, their only distinction from one another being a different year stamp. The Snow White and Prince pin was one of these duplicates. One was marked "1988" and the other "1996." Backside of pins reads "Disney On Ice, © Disney, Made in China."

Snow White also appeared in this series on a third pin, this one featuring five of the princesses. It was marked with the year "2004."

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