Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow White on Ice - 1987 Souvenir Program

Front Cover

This particular Snow White on Ice program booklet actually dates from 1987, but it's identical to the one that was issued in 1986, the show's premiere season. The 36 page guide cost patrons $4.00 and outlined the performance they were about to see. The show's producers added a few scenes to the original story told by Walt Disney.

--Act 1--

Scene 1: The Gateway to Fantasy
Mickey Mouse reveals the treasures of the library.

Scene 2: Young Snow White
The princess is entertained by her friend the huntsman at the wishing well.

Scene 3: The Forest
Snow White runs away from home and meets a dwarf named Doc. Later, Doc discovers six other dwarfs in the Forest and they decide to work together.

Scene 4: The Wishing Well--Years Later
A wish comes true when Snow White meets the Prince.

Scene 5: The Forest of Terror
Snow White flees for her life.

Scene 6: It's Home From Work We Go
The Seven Dwarfs and their helpers give some lucky children a ride back to the cottage.

Scene 7: A Mystery Guest
The dwarfs discover Snow White and a celebration takes place.

--Act 2--

Scene 1: The Damp, Dark Dungeon of the Evil Queen
The Queen plans an evil transformation.

Scene 2: At the Cottage
Snow White is interrupted by a stranger bearing apples.

Scene 3: A Clearing in the Forest
The Prince breaks the spell.

Scene 4: Before the Prince's Palace
Two Heralds bring wonderful news.

Scene 5: The Forest Throne Room
Snow White's dream comes true.

The performers...

Kenneth Feld and behind the scenes...

Snow White on Ice and The Greatest Show On Earth...

Back Cover

This performance would morph into the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs show of the 1990s and early 2000s. See the 1997 program guide.


  1. Wow this is fantastic! Though I prefer the movie's storyline better, it's very interesting to see an alternative version. The costumes are absolutely amazing--and that mirror! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Could I include the second picture (the one with Pooh bear) on a post on my blog about wacky Disney costumes from early years?

  3. Thank you! I see you already checked out the post ;)

  4. Omg I just happened to stumble across this...I went to this show when I was little and I remember this program SO VIVIDLY. It was like having flashbacks! Total blast from the past, so awesome.