Monday, March 12, 2012

Snow White Dime Banks by Behrend & Rothschild

Beautifully lithographed, this Snow White dime register bank is made of tin and measures approximately 2.5" square and is .75" thick. Copyright markings read "©1938 Walt Disney Enterprises." Manufactured by Behrend & Rothschild of New York. Original retail price 10 cents.

Dwarfs graphics appear on all four sides with bank instructions on the bottom.

Once the first dime is inserted into the bank, the back slide-open door locks. When the bank has registered the insertion of $5.00 worth of dimes, the door unlocks and allows access to the coins.

An ad in the April 1938 Playthings toy trade journal.

A Dopey dime register bank was produced the following year. It pretty much has identical measurements and functions as the Snow White bank, though the copyright markings differ, "©1939 Walt Disney Productions."

Each of the four sides features a slightly different Dopey image.

Right and left side panels

Bottom side panel

Top side panel

The back has the same instructions and "wood grain" design as the Snow White bank with the addition of a "Made in U.S.A." imprint.


  1. NICE!!! But what if I want my dimes before the total reaches $5.00?

  2. I think that's when a hefty sledgehammer would come in handy. :)