Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Walt Disney's World on Ice - Press Kit

This press kit is for Disney's "World on Ice" production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Dates from 1994-1997. Housed in a colorful envelope, the kit included five 8x10 B+W publicity stills from the show.



Snow White stills...

Also enclosed were three stills from Aladdin on Ice (1993-1997)...

And a color print promotion for holiday skating at the Disneyland Hotel...

Press Kit images from personal collection.


  1. That's the largest poison apple I've ever seen!

    I never knew about the ice skating in/on the marina over at the DL hotel. I would have liked to have seen that!

  2. That's something I don't think has changed over the years...the ice shows sure use one large poison apple prop in their performances. :)

    I take it the DL hotel skating hasn't occurred in awhile?

  3. The Marina was removed when they built Downtown Disney and California Adventure. I suppose they could have skating somewhere else on the property if they really wanted to. I wonder how popular it was that year.