Friday, March 16, 2012

Ben Rickert Snow White/Dwarfs Soap

This Seven Dwarfs Snap-Apart Soap collection probably dates from the 1970s. Manufactured by Ben Rickert, Inc., Wayne, New Jersey. Box measures 7.25" wide.

Dwarf Box pics courtesy of Rick Payne via dadric's attic. Used with permission.


A separate Snow White Sculptured Soap figure was also produced. Measures about 5.5" high x 2" wide. The copyright stamp on back of box reads © WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, but no date is given. The Mickey, Donald and Goofy artwork is identical to that on above dwarf soap box.

Inside was a flier instructing interested parties to send $1.00 and a self-addressed stamped envelope with 15¢ postage to Rickert to receive six vinyl Disney stickies. Assuming these vinyl stickies and envelop weigh an ounce or less, the 15¢ first class postage would date this promotion to the late seventies.

Snow White Sculptured Soap images via hamishpunim and Disneyana Vintage Collectibles 4U.


  1. I remember seeing these items for sale when I was a kid! Yeah, I would say the late seventies. Wish I could remember exactly where I saw them. I want to say Sears, but not completely sure.

  2. It's cool that you remember seeing them. I don't.

  3. I don't knwo if I'm disturbed or anything but there's something about S-W's pose when she's crossing the river that looks kind of .. well .. Erotic, or sensual at least... o_O

  4. Alex-- I think she's just testing the water temperature with her toes.