Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow White Tattoos

Snow White with Animals. + Snow White Over Shoulder
Images copyright cherrycore and queenofnancyland.

 Snow with Apple. 
Image via ImageShack.

Snow White. Artist: Buccaneer Tattoo, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Snow White Bows.
Image copyright Molly Pearce.

Alice and Snow. 
Image via ImageShack.

Snow and Evil Queen.
Copyright Sam Rulz via Tattoo Gathering.

Poison Free. Artist: Nate Click + Artist: Marija Asanovski of Sailors Grave Tattoo.
Images via misselise and imgfave.

Wicked Snow White. Artist: Jen Beirola, Omaha NE + Snow White Cupcake.
Images via Grinn+Barrett Tattoo and lisa.

The Fairest of Them All + Inked Fairest One of All. Artist: Kevin Boudreau of Artifact Tattoo.
Images viaowls love tea and  ChristinaIsRad.

Snow White Leg.
Images via bonechilling and julie-bean92.

Snow Roses by Julius Vargas + Snow White Couture. Artist: Tom at Hope Street Tattoo, Providence, RI.

Snow White at Wondercon, 2010.
Image via krystyl.

Snow White with Forest Animals.
Images via lovesicknevernude.

Snow White at Wedding (above) and Meet-n-Greet.
Images posted by princessallegra via


  1. WOW! I especially like the first three!

  2. Makes me think about getting one myself! :)

  3. Ha! Snow White and the poison cupcake!

  4. I thought the cupcake was a rather clever one too.