Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crummles 'Snow White' Enamel Boxes

English enamel boxes have been around for a long time. Eighteenth century individuals would use the handmade containers "to carry snuff, sweets, and beauty spots...and courting couples made them popular as gifts betokening lasting affection."  Staffordshire Enamels

The boxes continue to be popular to this day. Crummles and Company of England produced Snow White-themed pieces in the early 1990s. These examples are enameled on copper with hand-painted artwork. Under 2" in diameter. This first one was purchased from a gift shop in Cambridge.

Box images and info courtesy of the Elana Sperber collection.

While searching online for other boxes, I stumbled across this same Crummles enamel Snow White design being used on the whorl disc of a children's drop spindle.

Another box featuring Snow White with Dopey and Doc.

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