Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1938 US Snow White Insert

An original 1938 movie insert from the RKO release of Snow White. Measures 14" x 36". This particular poster was rolled, never folded.

Image via CineMasterpieces.

Insert description from CineMasterspieces...
A vertical format American movie poster, measuring 14"x36", generally issued rolled and on thicker stock paper. Their smaller size makes them popular with collectors. Inserts from the 60's and before were often issued folded. Generally much rarer than a one sheet. Studios stopped issuing these in the early 1980's.


  1. Wow, neat! I like the snowflakes in the design, something I never noticed before (although I'm sure YOU have seen it!). Also, it's interesting that they used Tenggren artwork, AND from a scary scene instead of, say, the "Silly Song".

  2. Major-- Yeah I thought the snow flakes were a nice touch too. These were used in other promotional posters, hand bills and advertisements over the years, but often in a very subtle way.

    Hard to beat this Tenggren artwork. :)