Saturday, August 23, 2014

1990s Golden Paper Doll Book

The large format book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Paper Doll, was first published by Golden Books in 1991. It measures 13" x 10" and consists of six one-sided leaves plus the front and back covers.

The first page is made of stiff paperboard and features the perforated dolls of Snow White and the Prince.

The next four leaves are thinner, more like pages found in a sticker book. They include the different changes of clothing for the dolls. Two are dedicated to Snow White, with both work dresses and palace gowns. She has seven garment ensembles in all.

The Prince also has two pages, with a total of six changes of clothes. One is a full suit of armor.

The last leaf in the book is again made from stiff paperboard. It contains a cut-out tote which can be assembled and used to carry around the dolls. Instructions for the tote were printed on the first page.

The back cover has two more outfits, ready for coloring.

Book artwork copyright Disney/Golden.

The book is copyrighted 1991, 1994. Yet, according to online sellers, ISBN 030730244x was also published in 1999. 

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