Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WDC "100 Years" Home Video Tin Box

The Walt Disney Classics were a line of home video releases on VHS. The brand name ran from 1984-1994 in the US and Canada before being replaced by the Masterpiece Collection. The series, however, continued well into the 2000s in Europe, Australia, and Japan where it was officially used on DVDs too.

Yet, this Walt Disney Classics tin box was never part of those home video series. So what is it?

Manufactured in China, it's being called the "100 Years of Magic" collection (nothing to do with Walt's 100th birthday). They're bootleg Disney movies. Depending on where you buy it, the contents may include from 110 to 172 different DVDs, with no Disney copyright markings to be found anywhere. From what I've read, the quality of the playback is said to be substandard.

I'm not a supporter of copyright infringement and don't condone the illegal pirating on proprietary media. But I do have more than a passing interest in Snow White tins. So we'll have a look at this one. We can see from the photos posted online that it comes shipped inside a paperboard box.

The outside of the tin is illustrated with vintage characters. Snow White is pictured on the left with the Seven Dwarfs crossing the log bridge behind her.

Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice appears on the hinged lid and Pinocchio to right.

Cinderella and Prince Charming on the back.

The box measures about 8"x 6" and is 8" high.

At least one other variation of this tin has been seen online, sporting different illustration of Snow White and the other characters.


  1. I have no intention of buying this, but how much does this set generally go for? Between 110-172 DVDs is a pretty large gap! And what movies are included? Certainly, at that number of discs, you'd expect every animated movie.

  2. Hi Nick, The prices seem to range all over the place. I've seen 132-disc sets listed for $245 and 172-disc-sets at $230. They typically include all the Disney classic films and the Pixar movies up to about the time that the Tigger Movie was released. After that, the larger collection include some of the Disney direct-to-video titles and even Tom and Jerry cartoons to fill out the set. Anything to make a buck.