Thursday, January 14, 2010

1938 Milton Bradley Snow White Board Game

The Game of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs board game by Milton Bradley Company. "© Walt Disney Enterprises", 1938. Box measures 9.5" x 19".

The game was designed for two, three, or four players. Comes with one pair of bone dice and a large assortment of brightly colored markers, discs, and sticks. The wooden pieces represent Snow White and the Prince. There's also a Queen, Huntsman, and Seven Dwarfs, plus a poison apple and kiss discs. Two sets of directions on how to play the game plus a paper insert retelling the story of Snow White.

Images via Heritage Auction Galleries. Special thanks to Bob at Allure for the tip-off on the auction.

Player pieces, treasure sticks, Dwarfs pieces, Queen and Huntsman, dice, poison apple, and kiss pieces.

Board size when open is 18.25" x18.25". Includes the Queen's Castle, Dwarfs' Mines, House of the Dwarfs, Huntsman's Lodge, Magic Grotto, and Prince's Castle.

Back of board.

Additional images via lakeerietreasures + bunnylady44.

The rules.


Rules courtesy of Megomike.

The game was listed in the 1938 wholesale catalog from N. Shure Co. of Chicago. Price per dozen $7.84.

Catalog scan via gdawg.

It can be found in The Collectors Encyclopedia of Disneyana by David Longest and Michael Stern, p.146 (Collector Books, 1992).

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