Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" Snow White Cards

Back on February 22nd of this year, a new interactive "game" attraction was officially debuted at Walt Disney World. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom pits Merlin and his newly recruited park guest apprentices against a host of Disney animated villains led by Hades.

Starting at the Main Street Firehouse, guests receive a specialized park map marked with locations for the game (found in every land except for Tomorrowland). There are multiple quests to choose from. Guests also receive a Sorcerer Key card (which activates the Magic Portal game screens) and five randomly selected Spell Cards (used to battle the villains).

The Spell Cards hold various attacks of differing strengths. There are 70 cards in the collection, two of them from Snow White.

Snow White card #34...

Card backs...

Grumpy card # 47...

About the game...

Video posted by Disney Parks blog

Read a review of the game by InsideTheMagic and see the full Maleficent "test" quest from last January...

Video posted by InsideTheMagic

The Disney Parks blog recently announced that a home version of the game will be released in August. Guests can buy booster packs that contain seven randomly selected Spell Cards (including at least one super rare), one of four game boards, game rules, new tokens and a complete card checklist.

Image via Disney Blog.


  1. Have you ever played this game? I remember the description on Inside the Magic, and have to admit that it didn't sound that great to me. Maybe it's actually pretty fun though!

  2. Major-- No I haven't played it yet. I have to admit that after watching the videos from InsideTheMagic, it didn't seem overly intriguing as an "attraction". But that was during the "test" phase. The game has been tweaked since then, and others are saying they really enjoy it. So I will keep an open mind. No matter what, I think the Snow White Spell Cards are kinda cool.