Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Ear Hat Ornaments

Released late July 2012, these three resin designs are part of the larger ornament series of Disney Ear Hats. Created especially for Disneyland and Walt Disney World, they also appeared online at The sculpted pieces measure approximately 2'' high x 3.5'' wide and include the artist and character printed signatures. Retail price $19.95 each.

Snow White Ornament by artist Cody Reynolds. Glittering bow. Acrylic crystals and jewels.

Item No. 7509002529588P

LE Grumpy Ornament by artist Derrick Lirette. Limited Edition of 6500.

Item No. 7509002529580P

Stock images copyright Disney.

LE Evil Queen Ornament by artist Costa Alavezos. Sculpted crown, dagger and apples. Acrylic jewels and glitter. Cool Peacock Throne feathers on the back. Limited Edition of 6500.

Item No. 7509002529603P

Ear Hat ornaments seen at Walt Disney World, late July 2012.

Photo copyright Dirk Wallen via WDW News Today.



The ear hats return as seen in these pics shot at Disneyland by TokyoMagic! of Meet the World. Ornaments now priced at $22.95 each.